Yuna (미리야!), 2017, video, looped

untitled, 2017, dakimakura pillow case, Paverpol, mesh wire, 55.5" x 18" x 5"

Embracing the idea of a slow nomadic state, 2017, inkjet on cotton, underwear set, stained leather skirt,
inkjet on hand-shredded jersey, Ikea Grundtal towel stand, dimensions variable

read receipts (with rachel hrbek), 2015, website

Attempted to feel again, too soon., 2013, custom inkjet printed porcelain vase, five year dried flowers, 15" x 4.5" x 4.5"

best friends forever (1994-2014), 2014, engraved text on privacy window, 13.5" x 31" x 3.125"

strange unfeeling, 2013-2015, text from email on phone photograph, dimensions variable

i feel as if you sort of (after abe), 2011, cotton jacquard weaving, 11" x 26"

Untitled, 2007-2010, c-prints, dimensions variable