Phantom Limb, 2018, Cody Dock, London, UK


Press Release
Phantom Limb was an exhibition co-curated with Katie Yook, centering the practices of Korean diaspora artists Na Mira (Los Angeles), Jette Hye Jin Mortensen (Roskilde), Joan Oh (New York City), TJ Shin (New York City), and Zadie Xa (London). It took place over several weeks in November 2018, at Cody Dock in London.

Korean diaspora identity straddles multiple geographies, with one leg in a host country and another phantom limb reaching towards Korea. Phantom Limb brings together five artists to expand and re-contextualize what it means to self-identify as Korean within a Western context. Through immersive installation, video, sculpture, and a programme of events, the artists work to build a lexicon of Korean diaspora imagery. Cody Dock’s unique architecture and location on the River Lea intertwines with the themes of movement, fluidity and ungroundedness found within the works.

Related events included: The Apology, a performance by Jette Hye Jin Mortensen in collaboration with Musarc; A Vegetable Fermentation Workshop with Kimchi Radishian, a fermentation workshop led by Joan Oh; and Fleshing Out the Ghost: the Fetish, Desire, and Master in K-beauty, a performative lecture by TJ Shin.

Preceding the exhibition, to delve deeper into their practices, we also recorded and published artist interviews: Na Mira, Jette Hye Jin Mortensen, Joan Oh, TJ Shin, Zadie Xa.