Becoming an Archive, 2019, Women’s Art Library, London, UK

Press Release, Map
Becoming an Archive was co-curated as Present Futures with Teal Baskerville and Loren Elhili in partnership with The Feminist Review and the Women’s Art Library in London. It is an ongoing project that seeks to collect works and ephemera from women and non-binary artists of colour working in Britain since 1992-present.

Archive Contributions
  1. Sara Gulamali
  2. Nouf Alhimiary
  3. Joy Miessi // Navi Kaur // Cairo Clarke
  4. Amel Meghraoua
  5. Archival materials from the Women’s Art Library 
  6. 5.1 - X marks the Spot featured in Not Our Class issue #1 (Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski, Lauren Craig, Mystique Holloway, Gina Nembhard and Zhi Holloway)
    5.2 - Women of Colour Index Reading Group (Michelle Williams Gamaker, Samia Malik, Rehana Zaman) 
    5.3 Rita Keegan 
  7. Rebecca Bellantoni, You do, you do, you do  (2019 - ongoing) commissioned response for Becoming an Archive
  8. Kendra Moné McNichols
  9. Kendra Moné McNichols
  10. Top to Bottom - 
  11. Shelf 1 - Jasleen Kaur (alongside Amanprit Sandhu, Alia Syed, Raju Rage and Rehana Zaman) New Age of Babylon exhibition booklet (curated by Sara Gulamali and Samboleap Tol)
    Shelf 2 - Navi Kaur + Amrita Dhallu
    Shelf 3 - Muslim Sisterhood (Sara Gulamali, Lamisa Khan, Zeinab Saleh) + Yam and Other Hard Foods (Saint Lov’ie and Adamah Jalloh) 
    Shelf 4 - Maria Mahfooz
  12. The Room of Small Things (a non traditional portrait project by a migrant women’s group at Customs House in South Shields, inspired by Arundhati Roy’s (God of Small Things)
  13. Habibi Collective
  14. Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan