11.18 Banal

Press Release
Co-curated as To Whom It May Concern with Shirin Fathi, Banal was a solo exhibition featuring Moshtari Hilal at Enclave Lab, London which took place over a couple weeks in November 2018.

Banal was a research based exhibition which explores the aesthetic of everyday life in Kabul and Hamburg, where Moshtari Hilal has spent most of her life with relatives and family members. What seems banal within our everyday lives is a source of inspiration for Hilal, who observes, conceptualises, and creates a visual language. Everyday life, the objects and their arrangement produce familiarity and regularity. Her take on the aesthetic of everyday life is exhibited through drawings, video installations, collages and sketchbooks.

Related events included: a panel discussion with artist Moshtari Hilal, curator Shirin Fathi, PhD candidate Paniz Musawi Natanzi and artist Yumna al-Arashi.