Kathy Cho is a curator who produces exhibitions, events, images, and writing to collectively archive loose narratives of lived-experiences, affect and feminism(s).

She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in Curating  from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is currently based in New York City.


Aug 2019  Becoming an Archive
⤳ Women’s Art Library, London, UK

Apr 2019  Skin-Contact
⤳ Enclave Lab, London, UK

Feb 2019  Lunar New Year Party:
Diaspora Disco x Eastern Margins x Phantom Limb

⤳ The Yard, London, UK

Nov 2018  Phantom Limb
⤳ Cody Dock, London, UK

Oct 2018  Banal
⤳ Enclave Lab, London, UK

Sep 2018  Loud Bodies: Sonic Performances
⤳ Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London, UK

Nov 2017  It Might Be Warm but It’s Not Clean
⤳ High Tide, Philadelphia, PA

May 2017  only to find
⤳ High Tide, Philadelphia, PA

Apr 2017  Present Futures: Strategies for Emancipation (Part Two)
⤳ Open Engagement (Justice), Chicago, IL

Feb 2017  Present Futures: Healing and Self-Preservation as Resistance
⤳ Pratt Institute & Gnarly Vines, Brooklyn, NY

Nov 2016  NAKAYAMA + OH
⤳ High Tide, Philadelphia, PA

Aug 2016  Present Futures: Strategies for Emancipation (Part One)
⤳ Denny Gallery (pop-up), New York, NY